Bike Racks

Public Works of Art Partner Businesses with Artists

The Citrus Cultural Alliance
presented at the Economic Development Authority's 

Fire-Up Citrus Event, October 2, 2014. THe CCA proposed a series of creative bicycle racks to be placed throughout Citrus County. In early 2016 we put out a Call to Artists                                                         asking for drawings of the "Lady Bicyclist". When a business                                             purchases a rack they choose an artist based on these drawings                                       who then paints the "Lady Bicyclist" portion of the rack. Then the                                       rack is installed at the business! In early 2017 it was announced                                       that Withlacoochee Technical College would be partnering with the                                     CCA to produce the racks in their welding department! We couldn't                                     be happier with this partnership, as it perfectly brings together                                         businesses, students, educational institutions and local artists to                                       create on of a kind public works of art to be used by the                                                   community. 

                                  The goals of this project are to:

                                             *Promote the Arts in Citrus County

                                      *Bring together businesses and artists through sponsorships

                                      *Promoting a cohesive feeling  about our community through the                                         artwork

                                      *Benefit residents and visitors with a means to secure their                                               bicycles while utilizing restaurants, businesses, public                                                     services and events around Citrus County’s plentiful trails                                                 and parks, roadways and waterways.

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Works of Art