Building Social Bridges
Partnering Students and the Community

Since the spring of 2014, The Citrus Cultural Alliance has paired local

students with businesses, government and non-profit organizations

offering paid internships. The chosen organization hosts interns in

meaningful positions from marketing and web design to museum

exhibition and handling historical documents to working in stained

glass. These partnership offer the organization a new set of skills,

creative problem-solving and fresh ideas. Interns gain valuable

experience and networking opportunities as well as a new

connection to their community that can, and has, lead to permanent employment.

Spring 2017

This spring the CCA has funded three internships! The Franklin Anderson Gallery in Crystal River and the Florida Artists Gallery in Floral City will each host an intern for the season. Also, our intern from last year is returning to continue with her duties focusing on website maintenance, graphic design for print and web and social media marketing.

Spring 2016
The CCA sponsored one former student to help with web and graphic design, social media marketing and organizational tasks.

Spring 2015
The cultural alliance established one college student Internship for Spring of 2015, with Debra Hawthorne of Glasswerx in Heritage Village of Crystal River. The position entailed learning to make stained and fused glass pieces and organizing data for use in marketing and social media.

Spring 2014
Old Courthouse Heritage Museum shared in the funding of two college student Interns for the Spring of 2014. These Student Interns assisted with organization, planning and implementing exhibits, events, and with historical print materials for the Courthouse Museum.