Annual Coloring Book

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Partnering Artists with Youth

This year, we produced our third edition featuring the work of 27 local artists, depicting 32 scenes of local landmarks, nature, historic sites and activities from around the county. Through this project, we hope to create an interactive link to increase awareness and             participation in our community's cultural and natural heritage.

                Proceeds from past editions have been donated to the Boys and Girls Club,                              and to the YMCA.  Sales of this year's edition will support a student                                        internship supervised by CCA.  Intern activities have included planning and                            building exhibits at the Old Courthouse Museum, assisting stained glass                                  classes at Glasswerx Studio, and website development.  This program                                    benefits the community while giving students real-world experience in local                          business settings.

                 This year's coloring book sold for $5 and was such a success we have sold                            nearly all of the first printing, of 250, and have gone to a second printing of                            100! Pick up your copy at one of our great member businesses- Florida                                  Artists Gallery, Floral City; Franklin Anderson Gallery and Glasswerx Stained Glass Studio in Crystal River; or at the Courthouse Museum gift shop, Inverness.