The Citrus Memorial Health Foundation YMCA and the Citrus Cultural Alliance are proud to announce Art from the Heart. We seek artists and musicians to be create facilitators for this exciting new program, which offers opportunities for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia, along with their caregivers, to participate in small supervised social and therapeutic meetings where they will create are or music. Artists and musicians selected for the program attend a free training session. Stipends will be awarded for conducting the creative sessions. Art from the Heart intends to keep individuals living with these progressive diseases active and social, to provide support to their caregivers, and to demonstrate that individuals with dementia have skills and assets that can enrich the community in which they live. This is not a day care. Caregivers will attend and participate with their loved ones.

When: Monthly, beginning March 9
More info: Sara Bargiel, 352-500-YMCA or Type your paragraph here.

Art From the Heart